Preparing to succeed in an era of global uncertainty requires developing your intellect, building your character, and learning practical capabilities.

Undergraduate Program/

Your undergraduate education needs to be as multidimensional as you are. It should challenge you academically, expose you to a diversity of global cultures, and enable you to develop the broad knowledge and practical skills needed to solve the most complex issues of our time.

Minerva is intentionally designed to develop your intellect across multiple disciplines, as well as critical life skills, professional capabilities, and key aspects of your personal character.

Dorotea and Fabiola taking class on ALF in cafe

Minerva challenges you to experience the world, while learning the skills needed to change it.

Integrated Learning/

Though extensive research on the science of learning proves lectures to be ineffective, even top universities still cling to this outdated instruction method. At Minerva, every class is a small seminar designed to keep you actively engaged, improving your grasp of practical knowledge, while deepening your understanding of specific subject matter.

This platform for profound intellectual growth is complemented by an array of experiential learning programs in each residential location, where you practice applying skills in new contexts.

Integrated Learning

Xiaotian on laptop in residence hall

This film, shot on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina, demonstrates the thoughtful dedication Minerva students bring to living and learning in each of seven world cities. With every semester, students engage with a vast array of civic partners to gain meaningful experience by working on challenges relevant to different regions and sectors.

Video: Andrew Hida and Diego Alejandro Suarez/Blink
Data visualization showing global flight patterns

Credit: Michael Markieta
Global Experience/
7 world cities
7 different worlds

Residential Locations/
San Francisco
Seoul, Hyderabad
Berlin, Buenos Aires
London, Taipei
While in Berlin, Germany, Minerva students worked in collaboration with Kiron, a local NGO, to develop educational programming for recent immigrants. The project team sought to understand this underserved population, then develop and implement a meaningful solution for challenges they face. The outcome was the production of the first in-house MOOC at Kiron.
Students at Kiron Offices

Diversity at other top-tier universities is defined by ethnicity and gender alone, with the vast majority of students still coming from within the United States. Minerva has eliminated quotas and never selects students based on gender, ethnicity, country of origin, or financial status, so our student body reflects the world’s full diversity.

Tuition & Aid/

The majority of top American universities only offer need-based financial aid to U.S. students, disregarding exceptional students from other countries. Even those that offer aid to international applicants limit their attendance to a mere 10% of the student body. At Minerva, if you demonstrate need, you will receive financial aid —no matter where you are from.

Minerva students Joy Okoro, Nigeria and Lucy Chen, China, embrace following a co-curricular event.

Photo: Brian Frank
Global Student Body/

Global Students Chart


of students come from outside the U.S.

Book Release/

Recently published by the MIT Press, Building the Intentional University is an in-depth look at what it took to create Minerva, the only educational program of its kind, from the beginning. Find it on Amazon, at local book sellers, or purchase direct from MIT Press.

Student Profiles/

Minerva students are diverse, but alike in their desire to make a positive impact on the world. Meet members of each class through a series of profiles, and learn about their experiences thus far.

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New & notable/
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