Higher Education for the 21st Century

Minerva offers an innovative undergraduate program that combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study. Together with a diverse group of intellectually-curious, international students, you will prepare for success in the dynamic, global future.

But get ready to be challenged.

Dorotea and Fabiola taking class on ALF in cafe

At Minerva you will experience the world and learn the skills needed to change it.

By inspiring you to explore broadly, while gaining deep mastery in your chosen field, the Minerva curriculum helps you develop the diverse knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to address the complex issues facing our planet.

Minerva introduces the Master of Science in Applied Analyses and Decision Making.

In response to demand for an advanced degree program for students who have undergraduate degrees from other institutions, Minerva is offering an exclusive graduate program. The unique curriculum, which blends business with the data sciences, is designed for working professionals.

A Different Approach to Learning

Each semester builds on the previous one and every course offered is seminal — core to one of the majors, with interconnected subjects that span disciplines. Whether pursuing a single undergraduate degree, a double major or double concentration, or furthering your education with the concurrent Master’s in Applied Arts & Sciences, you will be challenged and inspired throughout your learning experience.

Advanced Academics/

Extensive research on the science of learning validates the ineffectiveness of lectures, yet even top universities still cling to this outdated method.

At Minerva, every class is a small seminar designed to keep you actively engaged. Through continuous interaction, you improve your grasp of core skills, while deepening your understanding of the subject matter.

Xiaotian on laptop in residence hall

At Minerva you will live and learn in seven distinct cultures during your four years of study.

Even the most adventurous students at typical universities are limited to exploring the area directly surrounding campus and spending only a single semester abroad. Our immersive global experience gives you insight into the complexity of the people and cultures of the world. 

Data visualization showing global flight patterns

Credit: Michael Markieta
Global Experience
7 world cities
7 different worlds

Residential Locations
San Francisco
Berlin, Buenos Aires
Seoul, Hyderabad
London, Taipei
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From morning rituals like running and yoga to intensive, location-based learning with leading figures and organizations, Minerva also offers a wide range of stimulating pursuits outside of class.

This film, shot over the course of a single day in San Francisco, exhibits the depth and breadth of the student experience in the first residential location.

Video: Andrew Hida and Jesse Dearing

Minerva gives you the benefits of a dedicated agency throughout your entire career.

Career services at most universities are limited to basic résumé assistance and an invitation to the campus job fair. Our Professional Development Agency provides training, coaching, placement, and promotion services that begin in your first year.

Guy during Foundation Week

Guy Davidson, Class of 2019.

Photo: Bob Miller

Minerva has the most internationally diverse student body in the world.

Diversity at other universities is defined by ethnicity and gender alone, with the vast majority of students still coming from within the United States. Minerva has eliminated quotas and never selects students based on gender, ethnicity, country of origin, or financial status.

Minerva students Joy Okoro, Nigeria and Lucy Chen, China, embrace during the Sumobot co-curricular event.

Photo: Brian Frank
Global Student Body
Global student body pie chart


of students come from outside the U.S.

Minerva evaluates all applicants equally.

The majority of top American universities only offer need-based financial aid to U.S. students, disregarding exceptional students from other countries. Even those that offer aid to international applicants limit their attendance to a mere 10% of the student body. At Minerva, if you demonstrate need, you will receive financial aid —no matter where you are from.

Zoey on Train in Berlin (cropped)

Zoey Haar, Class of 2019, boards a train in Berlin.

Photo: Marcus Reichmann/Blink

If you are ready to change your life and improve your future, you must demonstrate your readiness to attend. If you qualify, you will be invited to join us.

Then, the real challenge begins.

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