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Capstone Major


Cornerstone Courses

In their first year, Capstone majors complete their Cornerstone Courses.

Core Courses

In their second year, Capstone majors enroll in core courses that provide the foundation for the Capstone concentrations. They also take electives from core courses offered in other majors.


In their third year, Capstone majors select a concentration, begin taking courses within it and begin work on their capstone courses. They also take electives chosen from other Minerva courses (other concentration courses in Capstone, core and concentration courses in other colleges). Capstone offers concentrations shown in the table below.

In the fourth year, Capstone majors enroll in additional electives chosen from Minerva’s course offerings within or outside the major. Additionally, they take senior tutorials in the major, and finish their capstone courses.


Each row and each column of the matrix represent a different concentration, as noted above.

Concentration Courses

Capstone Courses

CP191 / Capstone Seminar

Explore several topics of interest, focusing on the potential of each one to develop into a high-quality Capstone project. In parallel, continue to develop valuable skills for advancing your project from ideation through evaluation and planning to implementation and prototyping, applying learning outcomes from your major as well as the entire curriculum, and in particular from the Cornerstone courses.

Prerequisite: AH110 or AH111 or AH112 or CS110 or CS111A or CS111B or CS112 or NS110L or NS110U or NS111 or NS112 or SS110 or SS111 or SS112

CP192 / Capstone Seminar

Revise and complete a professional proposal for the Capstone project. Engage in peer review of written work as well as presentations to receive critiques and suggestions from other students. The final written proposal is evaluated by the Capstone Seminar instructor as well as the assigned Capstone Advisor.

Prerequisite: CP191

CP193 / Capstone Directed Study I

Conduct an original piece of research or creation of a project under the guidance of a faculty advisor. At the end of the course, you will submit an initial draft of your Capstone work along with clear plans for achieving the remaining project goals.

Prerequisite: CP192

CP194 / Capstone Directed Study II

Building on CP193, continue developing an original piece of research or project under the guidance of a faculty advisor. By the end of the course, submit the completed Capstone project and accompanying academic documentation of the project, an abstract of the project, a short-article prospectus, and a lesson plan for an active-learning class for peers to be taught during Manifest.

Prerequisite: CP193