Graduate Program: Master of Science in Applied Analyses and Decision Making

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In our increasingly complex and globalized world, effective decision-making demands a high degree of critical thinking and the ability to gather, interpret, and act upon various data. Minerva has developed a first-of-its-kind program designed specifically to prepare twenty-first-century leaders to make consequential decisions. 

Key Program Components /
Applied Knowledge
The curriculum is designed to ensure you learn to use relevant concepts, facts, and theories to analyze complex, real-world challenges and make effective decisions with far-reaching impact.

Advanced Courses
All courses assume adequate background knowledge and require advanced, graduate-level work for class assignments and your Master’s thesis.

Sophisticated Instruction
Your classes are small, interactive seminars that push you to constantly test and expand your skills in critical and creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interaction.

Research Orientation
Your assignments and Master’s thesis will incorporate original quantitative and qualitative empirical research, with findings used to analyze situations, develop viable solutions, and structure decisions.

Interdisciplinary Study
You will study across multiple fields — public policy, business, and the sciences — through sophisticated project-based learning, fieldwork, and applied decision-making techniques.

J. Fost Teaching Master's Students

Associate Dean Joshua Fost, Ph.D., teaches master’s students on the Active Learning Forum.

Photo: Ayo Seligman

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