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As an undergraduate at Minerva, you have the option to earn a Master’s degree in parallel with your Bachelor’s degree. With an additional course load in your senior year, the Master’s in Applied Arts & Sciences allows you to graduate with two degrees in only four years of study. Highly intensive, this integrated degree program furthers your preparation for solving complex challenges, through extended application of your core skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interaction.

Choosing to pursue the concurrent Master’s degree enhances your skills and improves your career prospects after graduation.

“I always thought I would go from an undergraduate degree to pursuing my doctorate. Minerva’s concurrent Master’s program is exciting because I can pack a graduate degree — and even more challenge — into a shorter period of time.”
Justine De Caires
Class of 2019
Trinidad and Tobago

Photo: Shaul Schwartz/Getty

Program Details

The Masters in Applied Arts & Sciences builds on the undergraduate curriculum through an applied, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. You amplify your skills by addressing actual challenges faced by organizations in a variety of fields, using advanced research techniques and collaborative project work. The 22 additional units required include a Research Methods course, two Seminar courses, as well as a Team Master’s Project and Manifest.

Upon completion of the integrated Master’s program, you will receive either a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Sciences (M.S.) degree, depending on your undergraduate major. The cost to participate is a supplemental $15,000 in tuition. Student loans and financing options are available for those who qualify for financial support.

If you are transferring from another accredited college or university, you may be able to transfer up to eight units toward your undergraduate degree, reducing the demand of the additional Master’s program courses. You may also elect to extend the time allocated to the Master’s courses an additional 12 months, making the experience more similar to other one-year graduate programs.

Lucy in meeting

  • Exclusively offered to Minerva undergraduates 
  • Focus on research, applied skills, and collaborative project work 
  • $15,000 supplemental tuition cost 
  • Student loans and financing plans available 
  • Concurrent or extended timing options

Lucy Chen, China, learns from the team in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Homeless Policy. 

Photo: Bob Miller

Applications for the Class of 2024 are now open.

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