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Sultanna (Tanna) portrait with computer

Our unique approach to admissions is designed to avoid bias, allowing for both worldwide student access and extremely high selectivity.

Your admission is based on merit alone and is determined by our own specific criteria, not standardized test scores or generic essay questions. We also have the unique advantage of unlimited enrollment, so you are not competing with other applicants for a spot.

2016-17 Admissions Cycles/

Early Action

Submission Deadline Nov 1

Notification Date Dec 15

Enrollment Deadline May 1

Students admitted during the Early Action cycle are invited to attend the first of three Ascent Weekends in San Francisco — an exclusive opportunity to explore the Foundation Year city, visit the Residence Halls, and connect with your prospective classmates and other Minerva students.

Regular Decision I

Submission Deadline Jan 17

Notification Date Apr 1

Enrollment Deadline May 1

The first Regular Decision cycle corresponds to other American university admissions calendars, with an admissions deadline in April.

Regular Decision II

Submission Deadline Mar 15

Notification Date Apr 26

Enrollment Deadline May 1

Our second Regular Decision cycle aligns with application timelines common outside of North America, making it convenient to apply regardless of your geographic location. However, admissions notifications and enrollment decisions for this cycle occur more rapidly than in prior cycles.

Extended Decision

Submission Deadline

By invitation Only

The Extended Decision cycle is for special cases and is only offered through official invitation from a Minerva representative. To request an invitation, you must first complete and submit your application.

Binding Enrollment Option

During every cycle, you have the opportunity to expedite your admissions notification by choosing to make your decision binding. This option is ideal if Minerva is your first choice school, you are prepared to make an enrollment deposit, and you want to know your status as soon as possible.

Note: If you are interested in matriculating in 2018 or later, please complete and submit the first page of the application. We will contact you when the appropriate admissions cycles are open.

The Minerva Schools at KGI reserves the right to evaluate an application and render a final decision even if all pieces of the application have not been received.

FC students at Alcatraz

Class of 2019 students Joy, Nigeria, Sicheng, China, and Guilherme, Brazil explore the work of Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei on San Francisco's Alcatraz Island.

Photo: Bob Miller

If you are deeply inquisitive, independently motivated, and globally-minded, you might be right for Minerva.

While your academic performance is an important factor, we also look for interests and achievements outside of class — indicators of your potential to improve the human condition and collaborate in solving the most complex problems of our time.

Fiona and Xiaofan in Yerba Buena Center

Transfer students Fiona, USA and Xiaofan, China, walk through San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center.

Transferring to Minerva is an opportunity to reset the course of your education.

Attending as a transfer student gives you the benefit of having experienced firsthand the limitations of traditional institutions. This fact alone can be a powerful motivation for success in Minerva’s rigorous educational setting.
Rinad and Mandy studying

Class of 2019 students Mandy, USA and Rinad, Jordan take a break in their San Francisco residence hall.

Photo: Bob Miller

Applications for Fall 2017 have ended.

Connect to be notified when applications open for Fall 2018.

Admissions Team/

“Growing up, I had to work harder to compensate for not knowing how to play the college admissions ‘game.’ At Minerva, college is something you earn — not win. Game over.”

“I’m drawn to Minerva’s vision for transforming higher education; how it challenges students to think unconventionally and empowers them to explore limitless possibilities.”

“Having traveled to 40+ countries, I’ve found the best classroom is a trail not yet forged — challenging at every turn, but leading to spectacular views few before have ever seen.”