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Minerva students are an international group with a global outlook. While their academic achievement is a demonstration of exceptional intelligence and ambition, they are energized by a desire to improve the human condition and collaborate in solving the most complex problems of our time. If this sounds right for you, you are probably right for Minerva.


Criteria & Student Attributes
Nov. 1, 2015
Early Action Application Deadline

Qualities That Truly Matter

Academic performance is only part of the picture. Admissions offices often overlook the qualities most needed to succeed, both academically and personally. Minerva selects students based on promising characteristics like curiosity, determination, collaboration, and creativity — those which truly indicate your future potential.

While school transcripts are an important factor, we consider a composite of your abilities, your personal attributes, as well as your accomplishments outside of the classroom. These are frequently a stronger reflection of your ambition, your perseverance and your readiness to attend.

Our admissions team looks for academic excellence across disciplines, as well as focused areas of passion and individual achievement.

We do not consider any standardized test scores because they do not reflect a fair, unbiased view of your potential. Instead, we use the results of our unique set of assessments as a validated measure of your abilities. Since the Minerva assessments are not something you can study for, you can take them on your own schedule, as you move through the admissions process.

Another distinctive aspect of our process is the web-based video evaluation, which is designed to help us get to know you better and ensure your readiness to attend Minerva.
Admissions Process
The admissions process has five separate parts. After submitting the initial application form, you will gain access to a personalized Admissions Center, where you can complete each part of the process at your convenience, in any order you choose.
Application Form
In this first portion of the process, you share basic information about yourself and your academic history. The online form is clear, simple and free to submit.
~30 minutes
The assessments consist of proprietary online tests devised to gauge your ability to process information in various ways.
~45 minutes
During this part, you will be asked to share details about the achievements you are most proud of, together with documentation and supporting evidence.
~60 minutes
In this portion, you will submit your academic transcript(s) and a counselor report from the school you currently attend.
~15 minutes
Video Evaluation
This portion is a video evaluation, during which you answer a series of questions about yourself, followed by a brief writing exercise, all while on camera.
~45 minutes
“I was getting disillusioned by a college application process that was putting me into boxes. Applying to Minerva was different. It was like they cared about the things that were important to me, not just grades and test scores.”
Zoey Haar, Minerva Student
New York, USA
Photo: Martin Klimek/Getty
Tuition & Fees
annual cost of tuition at Minerva

Access for Students of the World

The cost of education should be aligned with its benefits. Tuition rates at American universities continue to increase dramatically, while graduates too often find themselves unprepared for competitive careers and graduate programs. Minerva is committed to providing the best education available, at the lowest cost possible — preparing our you for an interconnected and rapidly changing world.

At $10,000 per year, Minerva tuition is under a quarter that of other top universities, while housing, student services, and other expenses are comparable with those at most every public and private institution.

By lowering the cost of a four-year degree, we both minimize your financial burden and increase global access, broadening the diversity of our student body.

With outreach personnel in regions throughout the world, we actively recruit students from outside the United States and have attracted applicants from more than 160 different countries. While we recognize that Minerva is not right for everyone, we know there are brilliant students everywhere. Our goal is to ensure that all those who qualify are able to attend.

Estimated Annual Costs
Tuition & Fees
Tuition $10,000
Housing $11,000
Student Services $1,950
Other Expenses*
Estimated food budget $5,000
Books and supplies $500
Total Estimated Costs
*Not paid directly to Minerva

Required Technology

All technology support is included in the student services fee. However, you are required to supply your own MacBook Pro laptop to optimize your experience on the Active Learning Forum. We offer our students discounts on laptops, as well as most books and supplies through the Claremont Consortium bookstore.

Travel Costs

Though world travel is an important aspect of the full residential experience, the extent of individual travel plans and costs at the time of travel are outside of our control. Like other universities, the cost of travel between residence hall locations, or to and from home is your responsibility.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance, which is offered through Minerva at cost, as a condition of enrollment.

Financial Aid
Nov. 1, 2015
Financial Aid Application Deadline to coincide with the Early Action admissions cycle

Investing in Your Future

Every admitted student will be able to attend. Unlike most top universities, Minerva offers financial aid to all qualified students, irrespective of nationality. Through a combination of scholarship, work-study, and loan options, we develop an individualized financial assistance package based on your demonstrated need.

Nonetheless, Minerva believes that paying for your education is a responsibility you and your family share. While we work to maintain the lowest fees and expenses possible, we expect you and your family to help finance your education to an extent that is both equitable and manageable. The amount of this investment is determined entirely by the resources available to you and your family.

Regardless of your personal situation, we believe you should not graduate with a heavy financial burden.

Financial support at Minerva has three components. First, the Minerva Institute was established to provide need-based scholarships by gathering philanthropic support from those who believe in our mission. Minerva scholarships cover a full year of tuition for qualified students.

Second, we offer a range of low-interest loans, structured for manageable monthly payments and a minimal outstanding balance upon graduation. Third, Minerva offers term-time internships across the organization, which give students both the ability to repay loans, as well as valuable work experience.

While we are committed to enabling your success at Minerva, you must be equally committed to realizing your full potential.
Take the First Step

No SATs or other standardized tests

No application fee

No national, ethnic, or gender quotas

Applying to Minerva is easy. Simply fill out the online form and share basic information about yourself and your academic history.

We are committed to treating every applicant equally, so all admissions decisions are based on merit alone. We do not require SATs or other standardized tests and at less than a quarter of the cost of other highly-selective institutions, a four-year degree from Minerva is accessible to top students around the world.

There is no fee to apply.



30 minutes
estimated time to complete your application
Live Info Sessions
Learn about our admissions process at an upcoming info session.




Students gather in the lobby of the San Francisco residence hall during Ascent 2015.

Credit: Bob Miller
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