Applicant Qualifications

Demonstrate Your Potential

Your admission to Minerva is not a matter of chance or having the right connections. As a new university, we aren’t burdened by the systems or criteria that trained students for the last century. As a result we have benefited from the opportunity to develop a process that identifies the qualities most needed for success in today’s complex world — an approach much harder for traditional universities to adopt. At Minerva, we focus on the criteria that truly indicate your future potential and fit.

Our admissions team looks for academic excellence, as well as focused areas of passion and individual achievement. While your past academic performance is a reflection of your persistence and intelligence in class, we also consider a composite of your personal attributes, including your ability to solve problems, and your accomplishments outside of school. All of these are strong indicators of your true interests, your drive, and your desire to improve the world.

To qualify for admission, you will need to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, individual initiative, and attributes that correspond to leadership potential, innovative thinking, collaboration, and global citizenship — characteristics like open-mindedness, critical and creative thinking, perseverance, humility, and empathy. While there are many ways to demonstrate these qualities, you must be capable of handling the rigor of the Minerva curriculum, have the maturity to navigate diverse cities and cultures, and be ready to contribute meaningfully to both the Minerva community and society as a whole.

Lucy chatting with classmates
Key Student Attributes /

  • Broad interest in multiple subjects
  • Passion in at least one specific domain
  • Curiosity about the world and its people
  • Continuous drive to excel
  • Community oriented
  • Inventive, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Leadership potential
  • Collaborative ability

Lucy Chen, China, enjoys a conversation with a fellow student in the San Francisco residence hall.

Photo: Bob Miller

Dedication to the Collective

While you must be bright and driven, you will also be expected to embrace the diverse perspectives and cultures of world cities and your international classmates. Together, you will help Minerva grow and evolve. As you learn the skills needed to address complex challenges, you will also collaborate for the benefit of the student body, the institution, and the communities surrounding each residence. This commitment to improving the human condition is shared across Minerva and is at the core of our collective mission: nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world.

If this sounds right for you, you may be right for Minerva.

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