Binding Enrollment

Declare Your Commitment

Many applicants know Minerva is their first choice and choose to take advantage of our Binding Enrollment option. As a Binding Enrollment applicant you will receive your notification within four weeks of completing the admissions process — significantly earlier than those applying to Minerva non-Binding — in exchange for your commitment to attending Minerva if admitted.

You can select the Binding Enrollment option in the Admission Center, at any stage of the admissions process and during which ever admissions cycle you apply in. This selection formally designates that Minerva is your top choice and, if admitted, you are prepared to pay your enrollment deposit within 10 days of receiving your admissions notification and agree to withdraw any applications to other institutions. Please note that Binding applicants must still adhere to the deadlines specific to that admissions cycle.

Though the likelihood of being admitted will not increase by selecting the Binding Enrollment option, the expedited admissions decision allows you to make important decisions about your future earlier. If admitted, you avoid the hassle and stress of applying to other schools; if not, you have plenty of time to refocus your search.

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Selecting the Binding Enrollment option confirms that:

  • If admitted, you are committed to attending 
  • If admitted, you are ready to pay your enrollment deposit within 10 days of notification 
  • If you are under the age of 18, you have informed your parent or legal guardian of your Binding Enrollment selection and all elements of the agreement

During an experiential learning event, student Roujia Wen, China, overlooks her second city of residence, Berlin, from the Fernsehturm tower.

Photo: Marcus Reichmann/Blink

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