The Vanguard Award

Honoring the Minerva Spirit


The Vanguard Award is offered annually to high school students who exhibit not only extraordinary academic ability, but also intellectual curiosity, global consciousness, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is these qualities that distinguish Minerva students from other accomplished scholars. By recognizing those who are pursuing uncommon interests and charting unique paths, we seek to honor young, innovative thinkers around the world.

Many traditional universities in the United States present books written by their professors to top students, but the Vanguard Award is designed to inspire creative thinking. Our award winners will receive a custom journal, so they can document their own explorations, ideas, and insights.

Intellectual Curiosity
The Vanguard Award celebrates students who are challenging themselves academically, while exploring their individual passions across a broad range of interests.
Global Consciousness
In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, Vanguard Award winners are engaging with others beyond their local communities to improve our collective future.
Independent Spirit
Students receiving the Vanguard Award courageously navigate their personal journeys and author their own stories.
Nomination Process

We encourage you to nominate one extraordinary student for the Vanguard Award. Simply fill out the form below with basic information about yourself, the nominee, and how the nominee demonstrates the award criteria.

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July 1, 2017
Nomination Deadline
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