Dedicated effort is required to accelerate your professional growth. 

Minerva’s focus on your success means you benefit from teams devoted to individualized career advancement not available at other universities, from personal coaching and talent development to employer outreach and matching, and ongoing promotion and publicity.

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We help advance your career during your time at Minerva and throughout the rest of your life.

Modeled on the most well-respected talent agencies in the world, our Professional Development Agency helps you lay the foundation for meaningful work in your field of choice, then continues to provide guidance, support, and promotion as your career progresses.

Alex Nguyen, Vietnam, engages with community leaders during the annual Civitas event.

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Employment Experience /

of students secured internships after only one year at Minerva


of managers said Minerva student performance was above average

Gaining work experience during school is the best preparation for your career after graduation.

With the help of the Professional Development Agency, you will have numerous opportunities to work with top organizations in various public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, from technology, finance, and management consulting to education and scientific research — including positions at Minerva.

Parthiv speaking at Civitas during Foundation Week

Parthiv Shah, India, shares his personal perspective during Civitas, an annual Minerva event.

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You have a unique perspective and the world should benefit from it.  

Editorial and speaking engagements are an excellent way to share your stories and ideas, while establishing your reputation as a thought-leader. By connecting you to media outlets, conferences, and other events, the Professional Development Agency helps you build your portfolio and public persona.

Employer Advisory Group

Minerva has developed relationships with a set of top global organizations across a variety of categories. Through regular consultation with this advisory group, we help ensure the skills you learn are directly applicable to employers.