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Multiple forces — technological, economic, social, political, and environmental — are driving rapid change on a global scale. Yet university career service offices typically engage with students just before they graduate, providing only basic résumé assistance and an invitation to the campus job fair. With ratios of 1500 students to one staff member, their support is minimal at best.

To ensure your success in an uncertain and evolving future, Minerva has modeled its Professional Development Agency on the most well-respected talent agencies in the world. With multiple expert teams dedicated to advancing your professional career, you benefit from 150:1 student-to-staff ratios.

Whether in academia, the public sector, or private enterprise, the Professional Development Agency works to connect your passions and interests with opportunities in existing and emerging fields. The three agency teams provide placement, advisory, networking, promotional, and publicity services during every stage of your career — from undergraduate internships to graduate programs and new ventures to leadership positions at established organizations.


of the jobs students will fill in the future do not exist today.

Source: 2014 study by Siemens USA

We have also established an Employer Advisory Board — including members from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, and Warby Parker — to ensure that the practical skills you learn at Minerva are applicable to the current and future needs of global employers in every sector.

Because we recognize that your success is essential to ours, we provide three key areas of service and support, from year one at Minerva throughout the rest of your life:

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Key Services

Personalized Coaching and Training

Beginning in your first year of studies, you are assigned a professional coach to help you articulate your values, passions and interests, and professional goals. Through this personalized guidance you identify the types of roles worth pursuing, learn missteps to avoid, and practice techniques for ascending from one position to the next.

The agency also helps orient you to the regional job markets and distinct work cultures in each of the seven residential locations. Additionally, we provide a range of professional development resources, on topics like optimizing your performance, working effectively in teams, seeking support within an organization, and other guidance to help you get the most out of every professional experience.

Professional Resources /

A growing resource database provides information on the skills you will need for professional success:

  • Self-Management Strategies 
  • Teamwork Techniques
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving 
  • Communication Strategies 
  • Personal Networking Strategies 
  • Data and Statistical Analysis 
  • Information Systems 
  • Microsoft Office & Email Tools 
  • LinkedIn Strategies & Techniques

Students gather in San Francisco during Foundation Week to discuss community values for the year ahead.

Photo: Bob Miller

Networking, Placement, and Recruiting

The recruitment team actively identifies relevant opportunities for you, providing an extensive global pipeline to the spectrum of corporate, educational, nonprofit, and government organizations, including internship roles at Minerva. Once an opportunity is identified, you will have the support needed to pursue it, from initial introductions to help with your application and interview process. Whether interning with tech giants like Apple and Amazon, working in a venture capital seed fund, or honing your research skills in a top academic institution, you will gain valuable professional experience to help propel your career forward.

In addition, you will have access to a global network of academic, political, business, and social leaders, including the Employer Advisory Board, to help build relationships and grow your list of professional contacts. These influential connections can help with business development, fundraising, research and development, and personal access and influence at every stage of your professional growth.

Ongoing Publicity and Promotion

Our team of publicists is committed to promoting your accomplishments throughout your career. They work to highlight your individual achievements, as well as those of the organizations you represent, through relevant media outlets, events, and other platforms. From editorial coverage and opinion pieces to research papers, case studies, and speaking engagements, this team helps you develop and manage your public persona, ultimately positioning you as an innovative thinker and leading expert in your chosen field.

Upon graduation, you are ensured of this support throughout the rest of your professional life. From one-on-one sessions with your coach to ongoing promotion of your personal accomplishments, you will have access to the people, tools, and services to help you amplify your success and realize your personal potential — supporting a lifetime of extraordinary achievement.

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