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Unlike the opportunities generally available to underclassmen at other universities, a large majority — 87 percent — of the Class of 2019 have secured meaningful roles in the summer before their sophomore year. As evident in the examples below, these impressive positions span functions, industries, and geographies.

It should be noted that those Minerva students that did not engage in internships during the summer of 2016, deliberately elected to travel, learn languages, and engage in other enrichment activities instead.

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Employment with Minerva

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Many Minerva students are eligible for work-study opportunities during the term. These part-time roles are allocated and assigned to students with financial need in order to provide sufficient income each semester to pay down student loans. The workload for these positions is intended to be manageable in conjunction with your academic work, while providing valuable contributions to the organization.

Additionally, all students are able to apply for internship roles at Minerva during the Summer months. These positions are typically full-time, with more significant responsibilities and project work. Depending upon your interests, capabilities, and availability of roles, you may be asked to join one of the dynamic teams in our San Francisco headquarters. Summer internships are an excellent way to build your résumé, while helping Minerva grow.

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