Founding Class

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We all came to college with a similar hope for our education: to learn the skills needed to serve others by solving vital and complex challenges. Because of this, school is not a chore, it’s a mission.

Founding Class


Purposeful Education

In early September we arrived in San Francisco, the first of seven world cities in which we will live and study. This first step in our educational journey has been both challenging and rewarding.

We have bonded over a shared purpose: to shape a new education system that meets our needs as students of the twenty-first century. This means exploring new ways of thinking and learning the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Take some time to explore who we are and what we’re doing. If our values and vision resonate with you, we invite you to join the Minerva community.

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“There is no better way to understand how we can come together, as citizens of the world, than to actively immerse ourselves in different cultures. As a deeply curious soul, I try to look beyond the obvious to capture a deeper understanding of our differences. I believe that by embracing our differences, we can more easily see our similarities.”
Rana Abu Diab
Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory
Rana Abu Diab
A Community United

Not only do we represent a total of 14 different countries, we also have an incredible variety of interests and passions. We’re a diverse, adventurous and enthusiastic group of people; there’s no such thing as average here.

Individually, we each offer something special, but together, we are a dynamic and purposeful community.

Learn more about the group that makes life here so energized, engaging and meaningful. From jam sessions to deep philosophical conversations, we are always actively exploring our world.

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“Science is amazing. Just thinking about the everyday uses of science in our lives makes me excited. It’s everywhere — from feeling better after taking an aspirin to using smartphones to access any of the world’s information. My hope is to use science to solve some of the world’s problems.”
Or Segal
Holon, Israel
Or Segal
Student Stories

In high school there were the geeks, the artists, the social butterflies, athletes, student leaders and classroom rebels. Explore the perspectives and insights of six multi-faceted students, who fit all of those categories — but are defined by none.

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“My experience studying abroad cemented my belief in the importance of global immersion. Suddenly, I was forced to abandon language and communicate through shared human experiences. Smiles, laughter and wild gestures became my grammar and syntax as I was united with others by a desire to be understood. That’s the moment my real education began.”
Zoey Haar
Hoosick Falls, NY, USA
shared values

Shared Values

Many universities emphasize their academic departments and campus facilities, but rarely talk about the importance of the values their students share. At Minerva, our common sense of purpose is what makes our student body so remarkable. We are each interested in a broad array of subjects and activities, but are working together to make this experience more valuable than what we would get out of a traditional institution.

We all came to college with a similar hope for our education: to learn the skills needed to serve others by solving vital and complex challenges. Because of this, school is not a chore, it’s a mission. With collaboration on academic projects, co-curricular programs and personal ventures, every day at Minerva is exciting and inspiring. From social conflict to educational inequality, we work together to be bold, to be audacious. Join the Minerva community.

We all came together to advance a courageous vision: building an educational institution reinvented for the twenty-first century. While we share this common mission, we also represent a broad diversity of interests, personalities and cultures. We embrace the different perspectives each of us bring to the effort. If this is the kind of exciting, purpose-driven community you’ve been looking for, we’re excited to welcome you.

Join us. Let’s collaborate.