Living in seven vibrant cities exposes you to the realities of the world.

Unlike a typical campus experience, you will be confronted with the diversity of cultures in each urban environment, giving you a deeper understanding of the breadth and complexity of the human condition.

Alisha, Haziq and Guillaume walking through Chinatown, SF
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You will be compelled to immerse yourself in each city, embracing new perspectives and ideas.

Every semester brings new opportunities to expand your worldview and challenge your assumptions. Building upon your coursework, you will learn to apply your knowledge in practical, real-world situations — all while developing your personal character.

Fiona and Xiaofan at Yerba Buena
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Minerva attracts students from extremely diverse backgrounds, who share a common sense of purpose. They are energized by the prospect of solving complex challenges and making a positive impact on the world.

Explore the stories of these multi-faceted students, as they begin their first year at Minerva.

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As part of the diverse student body, you will be inspired to question your assumptions and contribute new ideas.

The Minerva community welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. By negotiating your differences, you learn to collaborate and persevere together, establishing a unified identity and a common sense of purpose.

Students during a jam session at the residence hall

Managing daily life in multiple cities, you will learn about yourself and gain the ability to thrive in any context.

Along with the welcoming environment in each Minerva residence, comes the responsibility of living as an adult. From socializing and cooking meals to time and stress management, you will establish the practices and learn the crucial skills needed to live independently.

Students cooking and eating at the residence hall
Extracurricular Activities

At Minerva, learning includes growth beyond the academic setting. Through student-led social activities and a range of MICOs (Minerva Communities), you will also be encouraged to cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing.

From outdoor excursions to artistic and spiritual enrichment, MICOs provide a platform for sharing interests and maintaining personal balance.

The examples here demonstrate a variety of activities and groups Minerva students have already initiated.