Master of Science Degree
Program Details

Learn from Anywhere

All classes are held in live, online seminars, using Minerva Forum™. This advanced education technology only requires a good computer and a reliable, high-speed internet connection; with these, classes can be attended from anywhere in the world.

There is no residential requirement, so there are no additional expenses for travel or housing. If you wish to relocate, you are free to do so, but we do not sponsor student visas for this program. 

The Master's class on the Active Learning Forum
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Forum is designed specifically to improve your educational experience, with video-based seminars that provide:

  • Intimate interaction with your professor and fewer than 20 students 
  • Individualized instruction and frequent feedback 
  • Attendance from anywhere with broadband internet 
  • Simplified schedule and assignment management 
  • Enhanced performance review and progress tracking

A Master’s class in session shows some features of Forum.

Academic Calendar

Intensive Learning

The academic program begins in early September and comprises four 15-week semesters, each separated by a recess. The five-month period after the conclusion of coursework is devoted to completing the Master’s Thesis. Classes meet four days per week, each session lasting 90-minutes. The Master’s Thesis is an individual project rather than a seminar; meeting times will be arranged by each student with his or her Thesis Advisor.

Due to the global nature of our program and the fact that all of our seminars are live, class times will be determined based on enrollment.

Student Support Services

Beyond a Degree

Ongoing Academic Advising and Academic Support

All MSKGI students have access to multiple sources of academic support, including both online and offline resources. Before courses start, you will be referred to general and specific online resources to prepare yourself for the seminar classes. Once classes begin, the Minerva platform will provide rapid feedback so both you and the teacher know when extra support is needed. As you progress, you will continue to receive feedback and will be provided with additional resources, guidance, and self-study programs. Centralized resources available to students, who may be anywhere in the world, will include virtual office hours with professors and study groups. 

Coaching and Talent Development

Minerva’s Coaching and Talent Development team will help you explore, identify, and develop the skills and characteristics necessary to create and pursue meaningful lives and careers. Far beyond one-time resume reviews and mock interviews, Minerva will support you in thriving personally and professionally. 

As an MDA student, you will receive support through a combination of professional workshops, one-on-one sessions, and group coaching. The Coaching and Talent Development team will help you to think strategically and holistically about your career goals, whether you’re looking to improve your effectiveness in your current role or to translate your experiences and motivations to have a different type of influence, and enable you to leverage your new intellectual assets for both your current and future professional roles. Guided by coaches, you will engage with a global cohort of peers, helping each other learn by sharing diverse perspectives that cross industries and geographic boundaries.

Coaching Timeline

Within your first semester, you will have access to 1:1 coaching to help you reflect on and clarify how the MDA experience can support you in achieving your personal and professional long-term goals. In your second semester, through group coaching sessions, you will dive deeper into topics, such as your values, strengths, and leadership abilities. These sessions can further support you in articulating your motivations, developing your action plan and in decision-making. You will also be supporting your classmates with your thought partnership, feedback, and accountability. Group coaching is flexible and will be structured to best suit each cohort’s needs.

Global Network Development

Parallel with personal growth and professional development, Minerva’s Global Network team establishes relationships with organizations and industry leaders around the world to connect you with people and opportunities aligned with your interests, strengths, and long-term goals and constraints. Curated discussions and individual advising sessions with our global network of professionals will broaden your perspectives on possible career paths and help to determine your best fit in the professional landscape.

All admissions cycles are now closed and we are accepting applications by invitation only.

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