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The Master of Science in Decision Analysis prepares students for leadership roles by incorporating key elements of Master of Business Administration and Master of Data Science curricula. 

This balance is well-suited to prepare students for pivotal leadership roles in emerging fields or those that are poised to undergo significant digital transformation; this first-of-its-kind graduate program develops students' leadership skills (e.g. strategy, emotional intelligence) and their ability to collect, analyze, and act-upon complex data.

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The ideal candidate for the Master's program is a mid-career professional who is prepared to take the next step in his or her career. The influx of big data and rate of globalization offer tremendous power and possibility, and rising leaders must be dynamic and agile to manage change, and navigate complexity.

To acknowledge an individual with potential and support his or her professional development, complete the nomination form.

Read a Graduate's Reflection

Upon graduating from the Master's program, Zach Goldfine, Class of 2017, secured the Presidential Innovation Fellowship. He shares his Master's experience on Minerva's Medium.

Photo: Bob Miller
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