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The Master’s of Applied Arts & Sciences offers undergraduate students at Minerva the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in four years of rigorous study. By intentionally structuring your coursework starting your junior year, you can take the additional graduate classes needed to graduate with an advanced degree either concurrently with the four-year undergraduate program, or subsequently by adding up to 12 months to your experience.

Program Details
30 Units
of graduate coursework, including a real-world, team-based project to apply your skills and knowledge.

Master’s Program in Applied Arts & Sciences

Exclusively for Minerva undergraduates 

Concurrent or extended timing options

Includes applied team-based project

A fraction of the cost of other top graduate programs

The Master's of Applied Arts & Sciences is designed for students who have completed a Minerva undergraduate education, or are in the process of completing it, and are on track to receive either a B.S. or B.A. in the Colleges of Computational Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or Arts and Humanities.

For transfer students coming from another credit-bearing institution of higher education, you may choose to transfer up to 8 units of credit toward your undergraduate degree. This option opens your schedule to more readily complete the Master’s in just four years.

The cost to participate in the Master’s program is $15,000, and loans are available for those needing financial support to pursue this degree.

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“I always thought I would go from an undergraduate degree to pursuing my doctorate. Minerva's combined master's program is exciting to me because I can pack a graduate degree and even more challenge into a shorter period of time.”
Justine De Caires, Minerva Student
Trinidad and Tobago
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Program Principles

Applied Knowledge

Ensures students learn how their deep disciplinary knowledge can be applied to address real-world problems by working with companies and institutions tackling the complex problems facing these organizations.

Advanced Curriculum

Building on the undergraduate curriculum, students take advanced graduate-level courses that further reinforce their skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interaction.

Elevated Instruction

All courses assume adequate background knowledge and require students to do advanced, graduate-level work.

Research Orientation

Research at a highly advanced level is at the heart of this program, including an additional Master’s Team Project as the culminating experience for this degree.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Graduates' skills and abilities will be attractive to potential employers who value the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and applied research and learning.

Minerva students board a BART train in San Francisco.

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