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Learn from Anywhere

All classes are held in live, online seminars, using Minerva’s Active Learning Forum™. This advanced education technology only requires a good computer and a reliable, high-speed internet connection; with these, classes can be attended from anywhere in the world.

There is no residential requirement, so there are no additional expenses for travel or housing. If you wish to relocate, you are free to do so, but we do not sponsor student visas for this program. If you would like to live in a Minerva residence hall and have obtained — or plan to obtain — a visa on your own, please contact

The Master's class on the Active Learning Forum
The Active Learning Forum /

The Active Learning Forum is designed specifically to improve your educational experience, with video-based seminars that provide:

  • Intimate interaction with your professor and fewer than 20 students 
  • Individualized instruction and frequent feedback 
  • Attendance from anywhere with broadband internet 
  • Simplified schedule and assignment management 
  • Enhanced performance review and progress tracking

A Master’s class in session shows some features of the Active Learning Forum.

Photo: Ayo Seligman

Academic Calendar

Intensive Learning

The academic program begins in early September and comprises four 15-week semesters, each separated by a four-week recess. The five-month period after the conclusion of coursework is devoted to completing the Master’s Thesis. Most courses meet once or twice per week and all class sessions are 90-minutes long. The Master’s Thesis is an individual project rather than a seminar; meeting times will be arranged by each student with his or her Thesis Advisor.

Due to the global nature of our program and the fact that all of our seminars are live, class times will be determined based on enrollment.

Student Support Services

Beyond a Degree

Ongoing Academic Advising and Academic Support

All MSKGI students have access to multiple sources of academic support, including both online and offline resources. Before courses start, students are referred to general and specific online resources to prepare themselves for the seminar classes. Once classes begin, the Minerva platform will provide rapid feedback so both the teacher and the student know when extra support is needed. As they progress, students will continue to receive feedback and will be provided with additional resources, guidance, and self-study programs. Centralized resources available to these students, who may be anywhere in the world, will include virtual office hours with professors and study groups. As noted above, each student is assigned a faculty advisor, who meets as needed with the student through the platform.

Career Planning and Professional Services Following Graduation
The Professional Development Agency provides services that surpass those available in typical career services offices at other top universities. Going well beyond resume and interview preparation, the MSKGI Professional Development group will serve as an agent on behalf of our students — both graduate and undergraduate alike. More like a talent agency, the Professional Development group will do outreach on behalf of each student, lining up relevant employment opportunities, supporting entrepreneurial ventures by helping to identify required resources, promoting significant student/alumni accomplishments, and providing coaching and support for professional development.

The group will help students to think strategically about their careers and to approach companies and organizations around the world in alignment with students’ plans. They will work directly with potential host companies to organize high-level networking events and mentorship programs.

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