Master of Science Degree
Tuition & Student Loans

Access an Advanced Degree

The program and associated costs have been structured with working professionals in mind. With a manageable course load, affordable tuition, and student loans available, the Master of Science in Decision Analysis is a unique graduate education made accessible for those seeking an alternative to traditional MS or MBA programs.

Tuition, Admissions & Loans /

  • $39,000 tuition cost, plus approximately $500 in additional course materials
  • Applicants assessed based entirely on merit, and readiness to attend 
  • Global accessibility, with need-blind admissions
  • Low-interest student loans available for all qualified admits

A student takes notes while studying.

Photo: Tim Matsui

Low-Interest Student Loans

Applying for a Student Loan

Your loan application is reviewed in an entirely independent process from your application to the Master’s program. Applying for a student loan will not impact your admissions decision in any way.

All international and U.S.-based students who are admitted are eligible to apply for a low-interest student loan through Minerva.

To apply for a low-interest student loan, you must first be admitted to the Master’s program and then request a student loan application. To receive detailed information about the loan option, when available, email