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Minerva provides an intensive four-year undergraduate education, designed to prepare students for success in today’s rapidly changing global context. Combining a global residential experience with rigorous academics and practical experience, Minerva is the first university experience built for the 21st century.

We invite African Chess Confederation Federation representatives to nominate their top students for this unprecedented university experience.

To further our organizations shared commitment to fostering educational opportunity, and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow, Minerva and ACC will also collaborate on to bringing Chess-in-Schools programing to schools across Africa.

Extended Decision is offered by invitation only. If your student's application looks promising, we will invite your student to continue the admissions process.

Global Experience
Innovative Learning
Accessible Admissions

An Education Built for Global Citizens

A university education has a responsibility to prepare students to thrive in our increasingly interconnected world. 

At Minerva, we believe it is more valuable for students to experience the world first hand, unlimited by a campus bubble, using class cities like Buenos Aires, Berlin, London and Seoul as their classroom and campus. Students spend their first year living in San Francisco, and subsequent semesters exploring other major world cities with their classmates. 

Share the Opportunity

Nominees will be invited to a unique admissions process:

No SATs or other standardized tests

No application fee

No quotas of any kind

Minerva's unique and 100 % merit-based admissions process evaluates students holistically, acknowledging their potential rather than their access opportunities. The result is the most diverse in higher education, with ~80% of Minerva students coming from outside the United States. 

Tuition is already a quarter of that at other highly-selective institutions, but Minerva goes further, offering need-based financial aid to enable any admitted student to attend, regardless of where he or she comes from. 



December 23
Nomination Deadline
Meet Minerva Students

Meet Minerva students, staff and faculty and have your questions answered live at our online information sessions.

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