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Minerva is the first university experience built for the 21st century scholar, offering an intensive four-year undergraduate education designed to prepare you for today’s rapidly changing global context. 

Combining rigorous academics with small seminars and an immersive global study, Minerva shares JA Nigeria's mission to empower the next generation by equipping students with the relevant skills and the hands-on experience needed for success.

The Regular Decision II application deadline is March 15, 2018.

Do you have what it takes?

Global Experience
Innovative Learning
Accessible Admissions
100% merit-based admission:

No application fee

No SATs or other standardized tests

No quotas of any kind

No enrollment maximum

The experience is challenging, but applying to Minerva is simple. Complete the online form and share your basic information to gain access to a personalized Admissions Center, where you will be guided through a unique, holistic admissions process. Minerva allows you to showcase your skills and achievements in ways not possible in traditional university applications.

Minerva's tuition is less than a quarter of that at other top universities, and goes further, providing need-based financial aid to all qualified students are eligible, regardless of where they come from.

Apply now, and begin a new journey.



Regular Decision II

Our students are all extremely bright, driven, and curious — innate qualities that are geographically distributed and found at every socioeconomic level. We believe these qualities, in addition to their outstanding academic achievement, deserve to be nurtured. In this video, you will learn about three Minerva students and their hopes for realizing a more enlightened, prosperous, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Andrew Hida and Jessey Dearing
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Photo: Bob Miller
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