Senior Team

“Nothing is more important for the world than nurturing critical wisdom. I founded Minerva to be the only institution in the world to systematically do that.”

“Minerva's emphasis on practical knowledge, the four core competencies and interdisciplinary majors across five colleges helps our students succeed in our complex 21st century.”

“When we put student learning and success as the top priorities for everything we do, the choices become quite clear. We then top that off by adding in a touch of extraordinary.”

“I wanted my work to have a big impact on the world, do something good for humanity, and fulfill my passion for decades.”

“As accreditor, dean, and consultant, I've been part of the dramatic change in higher education over the last 20 years. At Minerva I have a chance to help make its vision a reality.”

“I really wanted to have an impact. I wanted the research that I’ve been conducting and studying for decades to be used to help students learn effectively.”

“I believe Minerva is the single most important innovation in higher education in my lifetime. I am thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking effort.”

Deans and Faculty

“A thorough grounding in the logical analysis of arguments and the use of computational tools to solve problems is the sine qua non to be a citizen of modern society.”

“People are social beings. The social sciences provide a systematic understanding of ourselves, our groups, and our institutions, as well as our motivations and beliefs.”


“The classes at Minerva are dynamic and fast-paced. At the same time, they allow me to connect and engage with every single student.”

“Good conversations have always been what's transformed us. Now we're able to have conversations with people around the world every day. It's a new ordinary, and it's revolutionary.”

“We live in a time of rapid technological improvement. It's long past time we improve how we learn, too.”

“Minerva’s dynamic classes are designed to integrate the science of learning into the art and practice of teaching.”

“My research on learning led me to Minerva. I am excited to put theory into practice at the first university built on the science of learning principles.”

“The Minerva experience provides students with an incredibly comprehensive and supportive learning environment. It is an honor to be a part of this amazing institution.”

“Minerva offers a global experience that is unmatched and positions students in the driver’s seat of their own education — and our future. I am glad it’s here!”

“Learning for the sake of knowledge is a privilege; learning for the sake of others is a duty.”

“The best part of this job is engaging with the incredible student body. Day in and day out, students at Minerva never cease to amaze me.”

“Our learning experiences stress creativity and critical thinking for the sake of a sustainable and equitable world.”

“Minerva’s classes are dynamic, partly because of the platform and partly because of the students; they constantly push themselves to think more deeply, creatively, and carefully.”

“The dynamic collaborations I experience daily at Minerva with students and colleagues broaden the context of my own work and continually inspire growth.”

“It’s a critical time in Earth’s history. Solutions to global environmental issues require a global vision, which is why I’m thrilled to teach talented, international students here.”

“Classes at Minerva are more engaging, intellectually enriching, and skillfully designed than any I have experienced elsewhere; it’s exciting to be part of something so dynamic.”

“I’m thrilled that our students do not simply study abroad; rather, they truly become global citizens through immersion in the past and present of many new communities and cultures.”

“Minerva's mission is to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world. It is rewarding to see students engaged in that mission everyday in class and in their amazing cities.”

“I teach to cultivate curiosity and to help others achieve new understanding. And I teach because I love to learn. We all benefit when embracing the unfamiliar becomes habit.”

“It's amazing how game changing Minerva's model is, and even more amazing to see our students grow and begin to understand the complex topics we cover in class.”

“Minerva is in many ways the ideal place to study social sciences. No other university allows you to experience so many societies while simultaneously learning in the classroom.”

“I'm thrilled to be part of an institution that cares so much about how students learn.”

“Nothing beats getting to spend your time tackling problems that are deeply important to you. Doing that at Minerva, with incredible students and colleagues, is icing on the cake.”

“We are fortunate to be part of this unprecedented transformation of higher education. I'm excited to see how Minerva's innovation will impact the world!”

“The extraordinary pedagogical methods Minerva uses to equip students with advanced skills to develop innovative solutions for complex global challenges make each class priceless.”

“The arts invite us into the world, while also giving us the space to imagine how it might be otherwise. I think education should do the same.”

“Minerva’s platform and curriculum foster intimate and engaging examinations of complex ideas, providing the foundation for innovative approaches to analyzing the past and present.”

“Decades old educational models are in dire need of disruption. I am thrilled to be a part of Minerva spearheading the new wave in learning.”

“Being part a of truly global learning community, with highly motivated students and faculty, is both challenging and deeply rewarding.”

“At Minerva, a holistic education is our goal. The curriculum helps achieve this by providing curious, talented minds with the tools to unravel the mysteries of the universe.”

“From scientifically proven pedagogy to working with students to develop constructive mental and social habits, Minerva really is the next evolutionary step in higher education.”

“I am excited by Minerva’s use of technology to keep students fully engaged in class, creating the ideal environment for learning to happen.”

“Seeing students tackle new concepts, grapple with the intricacies of them, and finally master them with enthusiasm is a totally addictive process for me!”

“I see education as the main force of change in the world and wanted to be part of this exciting and revolutionary education program.”

“At Minerva, we not only teach the role of science in producing creative solutions, we actually employ innovative technology and educational science to maximize student learning.”

“Critical and creative thinking are essential to success. What sets our students apart is their commitment to develop these skills to the highest level.”

“It's quicker to impress someone with knowledge than it is to learn it. I've been lucky to work with patient students at Minerva.”

“The best philosophy engages with the world as we find it. Who better to study the subject with than students who have chosen to travel while they learn?”

“There is no better way to study the visual cultures of the world than by exposing yourself to different people and places.”

“With students from around the world, I'm constantly having my perspective broadened. I love that at Minerva, we have embarked on an educational adventure together.”

“I am passionate about providing talented and hard-working students from around the globe the tools that will help them reach their full potential. That is why I joined Minerva.”

Associate Deans & Directors of Curriculum

“Our remarkable team of smart, energetic, and witty Minerva faculty have a wide range of interests. Most importantly, they share an inspiring dedication to undergraduate learning.”

“An undergraduate curriculum should be practical, interdisciplinary, and based on evidence of how learning works. I am devoted to improving our courses to meet these goals.”

“Minerva's curriculum may be the only thing I know for which the reality is more impressive than the hype. You really have to see it.”

Partnerships and Business Development

“I wanted to help Latin Americans get the best possible education, at an affordable price. At Minerva, I am doing precisely that and could not be happier.”

“It's about time someone created a more ideal university and made such a compelling opportunity available to all high-achieving students around the world, including those in Asia.”

Student Outreach

“I chose Minerva as it presents a unique opportunity for students to receive an educational experience preparing them to bring creative solutions to challenges across the world.”

Admissions Team

“Growing up, I had to work harder to compensate for not knowing how to play the college admissions ‘game.’ At Minerva, college is something you earn — not win. Game over.”

“I’m drawn to Minerva’s vision for transforming higher education; how it challenges students to think unconventionally and empowers them to explore limitless possibilities.”

“Minerva is education for the digital age, an experience beyond books and laptops. I’m happy to give students an opportunity I wish had been available to me.”