Akiba Covitz Headshot2.jpg
Akiba Covitz, 
Head of Business Development

Akiba Covitz is Head of Business Development at Minerva Project. He started as a tenure-track professor, winning campus-wide and nationwide teaching awards while also serving as special assistant to a university president. After a stint in the private equity world, he became associate dean and a member of the faculty at Harvard Law School. He then served as the founding vice president for university relations at edX. He was brought to Academic Partnerships, a leading online program management provider, where he was senior vice president for strategic relationships, working with senior campus leaders. He is currently co-editor of the Higher Ed Gamma blog in Inside Higher Education, where higher ed and other thought-leaders discuss the latest and hopefully the best thinking in the space.

Akiba lives in New York City, and holds graduate degrees in political science (from the University of Pennsylvania) and law (from Yale Law School). His undergraduate work was done in liberal arts at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland.