Brian Ross, Ph.D., Dean of Social Sciences
Brian Ross, Ph.D., 
Division Head of Arts and Sciences
  • Ph.D. from Stanford, M.A. from Yale, M.S. from Rutgers, and B.A. from Brown

  • Led multiple academic research programs on learning, memory, and problem solving

  • Co-authored and contributed to numerous books and articles on learning and cognition, including “Uncertainty in category-based induction: When do people integrate across categories?” in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, and “Conceptual problem solving in physics” in The Psychology of Learning and Motivation

  • Awarded grants from the National Science Foundation, the Institute of Education Sciences, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

  • Former Chair of Governing Board, Psychonomic Society

  • Fellow, Association of Psychological Science

  • Book Series Editor, The Psychology of Learning and Motivation

  • Former Journal Editor, Memory & Cognition

Dr. Brian Ross joins Minerva from the University of Illinois, where he most recently served as an Executive Associate Dean for Social/Behavior Sciences and the Area Centers at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in addition to his appointments as a professor of Psychology and of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. Dr. Ross’ research throughout his career has focused on understanding how people learn, remember, and solve problems. He earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University, M.A. in Psychology from Yale University, M.S. in Mathematical Statistics from Rutgers University, and B.S. in Psychology from Brown University.

Dr. Ross has taught a wide variety of courses including Cognitive Psychology, Thinking and Reasoning, Research Methods, Statistics, as well as seminars and honors courses.  He particularly enjoys helping students take an active role in their own learning and guiding them as they strike out on their independent intellectual paths.  He is very excited to be at Minerva and have the opportunity to combine his teaching and research interests.  Dr. Ross is the Division Head of Arts and Sciences.