Carolina Pan
Carolina Pan, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
  • Quantextual Research Fellow at State Street Associates in the investor behavior research team

  • American Association of University Women International Fellow

  • Recipient of the Latin American Initiative Grant

  • Published research on the cross-country differences in technology and their effects on bilateral trade

  • Invited presenter for several conferences, including the Harvard Kennedy School CID Growth Lab Seminar, the Eurkind GCW 2016 Conference, and the Warsaw International Economic Meeting, 3rd Geography of Innovation Conference

  • Recipient of the Provost’s Dissertation Award from Brandeis University

Carolina Inés Pan‘s research interests are primarily in the fields of international trade and economic development. Her work focuses on the effects of technological innovation in exports and growth, on the patterns of technological and export diversification, and on the role of immigrants in a country’s innovation patterns. Professor Pan received her Ph.D. in Economics and a M.A. in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University, as well as a M.A. and a B.A. in Economics from the Universidad de San Andres. 

Professor Pan describes her teaching as dynamic, engaging in “learning-by-doing,” and aiming at full student participation. She believes Minerva’s active learning approach is key to reaching this goal, as it makes student involvement much easier, natural, and enjoyable. Professor Pan teaches the Boom, Bust, and Bubbles: The Free Enterprise System core course.