Eoin McGuirk
Eoin McGuirk, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
  • Fulbright Scholar, U.C. Berkeley
  • Government of Ireland Scholar, Trinity College Dublin
  • University Scholar, NUIG

Professor Eoin McGuirk is an economist specializing in development economics and political economy. He earned his Ph.D. from Trinity College, University of Dublin, and his bachelor's degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Professor McGuirk also studied at the University of California, Berkeley, during his doctoral program. The goal of his research is to shed light on the political economy of development by harnessing natural experiments in order to understand causal mechanisms. His most recent projects provide new evidence on how food prices can determine the location of civil conflict battles in Africa, and how moral hazard can lead politicians to favor conflict over peace.

Professor McGuirk has taught development economics and microeconomics respectively at Brown University and Yale University as a Postdoctoral Associate. His teaching style emphasizes an active learning approach to understanding the tools of economics and applying them to first-order problems in the real world. Professor McGuirk will join Tufts University as an Assistant Professor of Economics in 2019.