Leanne Chukoskie, Ph.D., 
Professor of Social Sciences
  • Invited to present at multiple conferences and workshops worldwide, such as the International Meeting for Autism Research and the European Conference on Eye Movements

  • Primary Investigator for the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Coordinating Network: Learning to Move and Moving to Learn

  • Published research in multiple journals of neuroscience, such as Behavioral Brain Research, International Reviews in Neurobiology, and the Journal of Neurophysiology

  • Member of the American Educational Research Association, the International Society for Autism Research, and the Society for Neuroscience

Leanne Chukoskie conducts research on the links between movement and cognition, especially during typical and atypical development. Her work spans both discovery research and translation.  Most recently, she has focused on developing and testing behavioral therapeutics for individuals on the autism spectrum. Professor Chukoskie earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from New York University and a dual major B.A. in Biological Basis of Behavior and Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Chukoskie has enjoyed mentoring many students in her research, and brings that mentorship perspective to her teaching. Her favorite part of teaching lies in helping students discover their own unique educational path for lifelong learning. Professor Chukoskie teaches the first-year Complex Systems Cornerstone and the Perception, Cognition, and Reality core course.