Louise Vigeant
Louise Vigeant, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of Computational Sciences and Arts & Humanities
  • Former Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi

  • Conducted research and training on social justice issues for NGO’s in multiple countries, including the Center for Applied Studies in International Negotiation in Switzerland and the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law, and Development in Thailand.

  • Director of Team 36, a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the success of high school students in rural Mississippi on the ACT test and beyond

Louise Vigeant’s expertise includes human rights, applied ethics, and the more formal areas of logic and philosophy of language. She was the Head of Studies: Social Sciences at Amsterdam University College during its initial four years, where she oversaw the Department of Social Sciences and taught courses on Human rights and Applied ethics. Vigeant received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Cornell University and her M.A. in Linguistics from Stanford University.

A strong advocate for active and engaged learning, Vigeant is always seeking ways to bring real world practice into her classes. She is dedicated to developing the critical thinking skills of her students and strives to equip them with the tools necessary to rigorously test claims on their own merits, as well as against evidence. Professor Vigeant teaches the first-year Formal Analyses Cornerstone Course.