Professor Lam
Patrick Lam, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of Computational Science
  • Cofounded a data science startup based on a paper on an algorithm for keyword recommendations in text data

  • Principal Investigator for multiple DARPA-funded projects

  • Statistical consultant for multiple high-profile projects in the political and legal sectors

Professor Patrick Lam is a political scientist and statistician who works in the intersection of social science and data science. His research focuses on causal inference methods and the applications of causal inference and machine learning to social science problems. He is also the lead data scientist and co-founder at Thresher, a startup that was founded based on an algorithm developed during his time at Harvard. Professor Lam earned his Ph.D. in political science and M.A. in statistics from Harvard University and a B.A. in political science from UCLA.

Professor Lam has taught causal inference and Bayesian statistics at various levels at Harvard University. His passion is to bring an understanding of the power of thinking of causality to everyday life. Professor Lam also believes in unlocking the potential of data in everyday life through the power of visualization.