Rod Taylor Faculty Photo
Rod Taylor, 
Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities


  • Ph.D. in English Literature from Indiana University; M.A. from Missouri State University; B.S. in English Education from Missouri State University
  • Professor, scholar, author, and musician
  • An accomplished professional bassist; regularly performs and teaches alongside five-time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten, as well as Krista Detor, Artemis Robinson, and Chuck Rainey
  • Served as a lecturer in Stanford’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric and as a Resident Fellow in Stanford’s Residential Education program
  • Served as a professor in the Honors College at Tennessee State University
  • Author of “Narrow Gates and Restricted Paths: The Critical Pedagogy of Virginia Woolf,” an essay centered on Woolf’s critique of traditional practices in higher education

Professor Rod Taylor is a dynamic scholar, author, and musician. Over the span of two decades, Taylor has published, presented, written, and taught in many areas, and his recent publication: (E)tunes, a composition textbook reader, concerns the effects of digital technology on the world of music. He earned his Ph.D. in literature from Indiana University, and his M.A. and B.S. from Missouri State University.

Taylor’s teaching approach has been influenced by his various fields of study, which include education, literature, writing, and philosophy. In the classroom he encourages debate, challenging his students to validate arguments and ideas by critically assessing the evidence and reasoning behind them.

Professor Taylor will teach the first-year Multimodal Communications Cornerstone.