Sharon Niv
Sharon Niv, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
  • Graduate of Singularity University graduate studies program 2010

  • Author of multiple publications in the Journal of Biological Psychology, the American Journal of Criminal Justice, Twin Research, and Behavior Genetics

  • Collaborator at the Stanford Virtual Reality Immersive Technology Clinic

  • Chief scientific officer of Karuna Labs Inc., a virtual reality mirror therapy for chronic pain management

Sharon Niv has worked in a twin-studies research lab, examining how cortical arousal in childhood relates to adolescent aggression and delinquent behavior. Her interests are the development of novel behavioral and psychological therapeutic approaches using new technologies, and the intersection of technology and consciousness studies. Professor Niv earned her Ph.D. in Brain Cognitive Science at the Psychology department of the University of Southern California.

Professor Niv enjoys teaching because it provides the opportunity to refine ideas through discourse, and is thankful for the opportunity to work so closely with students through Minerva's unique teaching platform. Professor Niv teaches the first-year Complex Systems Cornerstone, and upper division courses in the Cognition, Brain and Behavior concentration.