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Tuition rates at American universities continue to increase dramatically, yet graduates too often find themselves unprepared for competitive careers and struggle to pay off substantial student loans. This situation is both unsustainable and unfair.

We are committed to reducing the cost to attend a top-tier university program. That is why we have eliminated anything that does not directly contribute to your educational experience: we do not fund football teams or climbing walls, and do not build student centers or cafeterias. We do not offer tenure for a bloated faculty roster, and we do not allow for administrative excess of any kind.

What we do offer is a rigorous academic and experiential undergraduate program you can afford.

students walking around San Francisco
“The cost of attending was one of the biggest factors in making my decision. The lack of sports teams and extra student facilities didn’t concern me, since I knew I’d be living in seven of the world’s greatest cities. I’m not going to head to the school’s gym if I can immerse myself in the local market or a nearby event.”
Alex Whitney
Class of 2019

Students walk down the steep streets of San Francisco, USA.

Photo: Bob Miller

Estimated Costs/
2020–2021 Academic Year
Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Costs
Undergraduate Tuition $13,950
Student Services $2,000
Includes experiential learning programs, orientation, and mental health support.
Residential Services $11,000
Includes housing, broadband internet, residential staff, and location-based support (based on location.)
Manifest $3,950
Includes Capstone and Graduation for fourth-year students only. This is not included in undergraduate tuition.
$30,900 (fourth year only)
Other Expenses1
Estimated food, local transportation, books, and supplies. $5,000
Total Estimated Costs
$35,900 (fourth year only)
1 Not paid directly to Minerva
2 Does not include Manifest for Fourth Year students
Lowest Possible Cost

Top colleges and universities squander enormous sums on facilities and amenities most students never use. And their exorbitant undergraduate tuitions and fees — as high as $100,000 a year — help pay for the waste.

Minerva is different.

Our commitment to keeping operating costs low enables us to maintain a tuition that is about a quarter of that of other top universities. We charge only what is necessary to provide you with an exceptional education, including hiring top faculty, maintaining small class sizes, offering innovative curriculum and challenging courses, and continually advancing the capabilities of the Forum.

You won’t find manicured gardens or million-dollar climbing walls at Minerva because lavish amenities like these are superfluous to actual learning. By devoting every dollar to student growth and development, Minerva has proven that the value of your education can far exceed its cost — not the other way around.

Residential & Student Services Fees
The global residential experience is a unique component of your educational journey at Minerva. We work hard to provide a safe and healthy environment in each location, so you can learn effectively and get the most from each city. In addition to the support staff and housing costs, our service fees fund an array of experiential learning opportunities specific to each location. Programming includes curated experiences, activities, and access to many of the foremost educational, scientific, cultural, business, and government leaders and institutions in the world.

Other Expenses
All of your other living expenses, from food and transportation to books and supplies, are estimated based on typical costs and averaged across all seven residential locations. Actual amounts will vary depending upon individual lifestyle choices and the cost of living in each residential location.

Required Technology
Technical support and high-speed, wireless internet are already included in the residential and student services fees. However, you are responsible for acquiring a laptop and headset that meet the requirements, which will be provided upon admission, for use of the Forum. Though not mandated, we also recommend purchasing a graphic drawing tablet.

Health Insurance
Students are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan that is designated by Minerva. Minerva identifies the most comprehensive, affordable, and widely-recognized plans available so that students have ready access to health care in all our rotation cities. The only exception is for students who studying in their home country, e.g., American students during the first year in San Francisco and Korean students while studying in Seoul. In this case, students must be covered by their own private insurance or a government-sponsored program.

Travel Costs
Global Immersion is an important aspect of the full residential experience at Minerva. The cost of travel between residential locations, or to and from home, is the students’ responsibility.

Manifest  (Final Year Only)
Students complete and present a Capstone project during Manifest, a month-long term in San Francisco, following the final semester of year four in your city of residence. Students should anticipate an additional cost of $3,950 in the fourth year to cover tuition, housing, expenses, and travel for the additional month in San Francisco.  As with other costs associated with a Minerva education, Manifest costs are eligible for financial aid.

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2021 enrollment.

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