Vanguard Workshops 2017

Contributing To A Brighter Future


Vanguard Workshops are offered to high school students in Southeast Asia who exhibit intellectual curiosity, global consciousness, and entrepreneurial spirit — the same qualities that distinguish Minerva students from other accomplished scholars. 

  • Ho Chi Minh: July 29-30
  • Hanoi: August 5-6
  • Singapore: August 12-13
  • Kuala Lumpur: August 19-20

Each workshop will offer a glimpse into what Minerva students experience during their four years: exposure to different global challenges and an opportunity to collaborate with civic organizations in search of solutions. 

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The Workshops
Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi
Students will partner with YOLA to develop a technology-based solution to expand personalized learning within Vietnam.
Students will collaborate with Migrant Workers' Centre to devise a solution for integrating migrant workers into society.
Kuala Lumpur
Students will join Arus Academy to design critical thinking development programs for use in the public school curricula.

We invite you to nominate an extraordinary high school student to participate in one of the Vanguard Workshops. Simply fill out the form below with basic information about yourself, the nominee, and how this student nominee embodies the nomination criteria.

We will then reach out to nominees, inviting them to apply for this exciting opportunity.

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July 7, 2017
Nomination Deadline
Intellectual Curiosity
The Workshops empower exceptional students to explore complex problems and devise informed solutions.
Global Consciousness
Participants will engage with notable organizations to catalyze meaningful change for a real world issue.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Each Workshop is an opportunity for uniquely action-oriented students to apply their skills and take action.
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